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Dr. Mongalo, Virgil


In 2008 Dr. Virgil Mongalo and his wife created a Social-Christian Educational Program where less fortunate citizens received FREE basic oral surgical procedures and free dental implants.

After 13 years of serving Latin American communities, Dr. Virgil Mongalo has opened two non-profit corporations in Florida with the purpose of providing free dental surgical procedures such as extractions of decayed teeth, elimination of infections, bone grafting, ridge augmentation and implant placement.

The new Live Implant Training Institute is located in Kissimmee, Florida and will be opening its doors in November 2022.

To date 10,500 patients have received 63,720 implants donated and 2,750 USA dentists have participated in this Social-Christian-Educational program directed by Dr. Virgil Mongalo in conjunction with board certified Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeons, board certified Periodontists, board certified Prosthodontists and accredited Oral Implantologists.

We believe that everyone deserves to replace the lost dentition, be able to eat all kinds of foods and and enjoy a beautiful smile and be treated under humane environment at facilities with US standard of care.

Our sponsors in the United States include Blue Sky Bio implants, Medco instruments, Curasan biomaterials, Carestream X-rays, Smart Dental Conversions, Damit Dental and PIC Dental. These US based companies understand the great need that exists to support our efforts which were stated in 2018 by the Florida Dental Board as written under chapter 768.1355 Florida Volunteer Protection Act.

A statewide assessment of dental health needs found nearly a third of older adults in Florida aren’t getting the early dental care they need.

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