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blueskybio organizing an educational events

Organizing an Educational Event?

Here Is How Blue Sky Bio Can Help

Blue Sky Bio can help organize, market, promote and

incentive attendees to attend. 

Here is how we can help:
1. Blue Sky Bio can list the course details in our list of upcoming courses.
2. Blue Sky Bio can promote the course through its various marketing channels including email newsletters and social Media.

3. Blue Sky Bio can provide 6 free STL exports to all course attendees.

Please notify prior to the event if you would like Blue Sky Bio to issue the CE credits. The presenter should complete and submit these two PACE approval forms. Form 1 Form 2. Currently CE can only be issued for courses in the United States.
4. Blue Sky Bio can provide the CE credits for the course.  
5. Blue Sky Bio can provide product discounts to course attendees. Course attendees can choose to take advantage of one of these special offers:
A. Receive a $300 discount when you purchase at least $400 worth of Blue Sky Bio manufactured products.*
B. 12 complimentary STL exports (in place of the 6 exports offered above).
C. $500 discount on any Blue Sky Bio implant starter package”.*
*If the course is outside the United States these items are dependent on approval and cooperation with the local Blue Sky Bio distributor (if there is one). 


Blue Sky Bio can take the above steps to HELP promote and market the course. However, course organizers should not rely solely on Blue Sky Bio's help but should take all possible steps to market and promote the course via their own avenues. 

Download Training Awards

If Blue Sky Bio is issuing CE credits for the course:

Blue Sky Bio CE Credit

If you would like Blue Sky Bio to Issue CE Credit Complete the Below Form. 

In addition to completing the form, please email the below documents to


You can download Blue Sky Bio PACE logo in PDF format here.

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