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Dr. Brandon, Kofford


Inventor of Smart Denture Conversion Prosthetic Technique.  This process changed the way we perform immediate loading cases. He presented his advanced prosthodontics training to the American Board of Prosthodontists and became board certified. After completing his residency, he earned his Masters of Science Degree at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center and moved to Suffolk, England, with his family to serve as the Director of Prosthodontics and Base Dental Laboratory Flight Commander.

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Brandon Kofford


LIVE ZYGOMATIC Surgical Implant Placement On Patients

Nicaragua | August 11-17, 2024 | Dr. Safa Tahmasebi, Dr. Mikal Lindman, Dr. Virgil Mongalo, Dr. Brandon Kofford

Dr. Virgil Mongalo’s vision in creating LIT was based on two solid ideas. First, is to fill the clinical gap that is created by didactic courses where there’s no direct contact with patients. In the past 15 years Dr. Mongalo has proven that this clinical gap can only can only be filled through live surgeries and live prosthetic on patients.
Second, is the idea that as dentists we must give back to those that are economically underprivileged and that can never afford to replace their lost dentition and bring them a ray of hope through our pro-bono work.

The live patient execution phase is divided into 3 important components:
- Review of surgical and prosthetic plan of all patients that will be operated this week in Nicaragua.
- Live placement of pterygoids, Zygomatics, trans-nasal and trans-sinus implants.
- Live restorations of operated cases.

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