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Need Dental Lab Work? Use Lab Pronto
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LabPronto Offers Great Products, Great Service at Reasonable Prices.

Meet LabPronto - The Better Way to Order
How does it work for the dentist?
The dentist can place a LabPronto order via or directly from the Blue Sky Plan software. 



A relevant order form is opened where the dentist can select the exact service they would like to order and enter the relevant information. 


When the order is placed, dentist’s credit card is charged automatically


The dentist receives text and email notifications throughout the order fulfillment process updating them to the status of their order. 

How does ‘LabPronto’ work for your lab?

When the dentist orders a service with the “LabPronto” functionality a notification is sent to relevant labs, via email and text, who have registered to be able to offer the relevant service as part of the “LabPronto” functionality.

A certified lab that has the immediate time to provide the service, claims the job, prepares the order and sends it back to the user. The lab should not claim the job unless they are able to start working on the service immediately.

Receiving the data sent by the dentist, and sending the completed treatment plan back to the dentist happens via the interface.

Which jobs will be offered to your lab?

Your lab will receive email and text notifications for new jobs that meet the following criteria

1) The job is for a service that your lab has indicated it can provide (see below form)

2) If the job involves the physical shipment of parts, the job will sent out to labs that are located in the same country as the doctor who has placed the order.

How much does your lab get paid?

The lab gets paid 90% of the list price, after charges by the credit card company is deducted. 

When does your lab get paid?

After a lab completes an order the dentist is prompted to complete that the job is done and rate the lab's service. The lab receives payment directly to their bank account 4 days after the dentist confirms job completion. If the dentist does not confirm order completion than the payment will be transferred 30 days after the lab completes the order.

What should your lab do if it has a question regarding an order?

When your lab claims the job you are sent an email that contains all the details, relevant data and contact information for the doctor who has placed the order. If you have a question regarding the order please contact the doctor directly as quickly as possible.

How can a lab join 'Lab Pronto'?

A certified lab can request to join the LabPronto service by completing the LabPronto Lab Registration form below.



1) Only claim a job when your lab has immediate time to work on the order. Don't claim jobs for later. One of the big advantages we are pushing with LabPronto is the quick turnaround time since the lab that has available time to start working on the order, claims the job. View LabPronto turn around times.


2) If the solution that is being uploaded to the user contains multiple files (such as models for aligner fabrication) please put all the files into a folder, zip the folder, and upload the zipped folder as the solution. This will simplify the download process for the user. 

LabPronto Overview Video
Instructional Video for LabPronto Labs.p

LabPronto Lab Registration

Complete the below details to be registered as a LabPronto service lab.
All details are required to enable payment to your lab's bank account.


LabPronto Lab Agreement

Review and complete the LabPronto lab agreement form
in order to be a LabPronto Lab. 


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