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command lines blue sky bio software

The following command lines were built into the Blue Sky Plan software to enable other softwares to launch Blue Sky Plan and pass STL and DICOM information. 

1) Open Blue Sky Plan and Load a DICOM set:

BlueSkyPlan3.exe "C:\mydata\dicomdataset"

2) Open Blue Sky Plan and Load a DICOM set and STL file:

BlueSkyPlan.exe "C:\Users\spanel\MyDicomDir\MyDicomSet.dcm"  "C:\Users\spanel\MyDicomDir\MyModel.stl"

3) Open Blue Sky Plan and Load a Zipped Folder with a DICOM Set and STL File

BlueSkyPlan.exe "C:\Users\spanel\"

4) Open Blue Sky Plan and Load STL Files:

BlueSkyPlan.exe  "C:\MyDir\MyModel.stl"  "C:\MyDir\MyModel.stl"  "C:\MyDir\MyModel.stl"

Supported command line arguments

Standalone options:

"path to project\project.bsb"
"path to dicom set\"
"path to compressed dicom set\"
"path to dicom file\somefile.dcm"
"path to image\somefile.jpg" *
"path to license file\license.bsblic"
"path to stl file\somefile.stl" **

* Images will be loaded only in cephalometry mode.

** Multiple models are allowed.

Project type options:

--modelediting            model editing project
--surgicalguide           surgical guide and implant planning
--cephalometry           cephalometric project
--bridge                      bridge design
--crown                       conventional crown deign
--ticrown                     crown for titanium base
--denture                    denture design
        orthodontic aligners planning
--brackets2teeth         IBT with brackets to teeth

--brackets2wire           IBT with brackets to wire

Carestream import options:

--import-cs-3d "path to xml/zip/folder"      import carestream exported data 

--delete-cs-3d                                         delete carestream data after import

Cephalometry options for X-Ray images:

--frontal                      "path to image\somfile.jpg"  load frontal image
--lateral                      "path to image\somfile.jpg"  load Iateral image
--name                        set patient name in cephalometry mode
             set birth date in cephalometry mode

--description               set description in cephalometry mode

--sex                           set patient sex in cephalometry mode
--patientid                   set patient id cephalometry mode

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