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Dr. Grutter, Baron


Dr. Baron Grutter attended Graceland University for his undergraduate degree and received his dental degree from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. He has focused his practice around digital dentistry, particularly in the areas of Orthodontics, Implantology, and Cosmetics. Most recently, he was named the project manager of Blue Sky Bio Orthodontics. He spends much of his non-clinical hours refining digital workflows to optimize treatment outcomes and efficiency. You can find many of his free educational videos by following him on YouTube ( He also hosts courses on Digital Dentistry, including: Digital Orthodontics, Guided Surgery, and 3D Printing in Dentistry. He has a true passion for working with and helping his colleagues to master all that digital technologies have to offer the dental field.

Additional Resources for Dr. Grutter

Baron Grutter

Online Course On Demand

2Day Digital Orthodontics - Live Course Recording

Online | On Demand | Dr. Baron Grutter

This is an edited down recording of a live course held in my office and streamed online. This allows the viewer to review all the same content delivered in the course, at his or her leisure.

Free videos

Learn About Automated Intrusion/Extrusion Alignment

How to add a tooth

Methods to Align Models

Clinical Orthodontic Planning Using Segmented CT Teeth and Other New BlueSkyPlan Features

Full Ortho Step by Step Walk Through

Surgical Guide: Wizard Workflow

Ortho plan with tooth extraction

Virtual Tooth Extraction

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