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Elevate your skills with our premium video tutorials, taught by experienced doctors and professionals who are experts in using BlueSkyPlan software.


BlueSkyPlan Training - Guided Surgery

This On Demand course was created from a recording of a recent hands-on course. The benefit of a recorded live course over a stand-along recording is that the viewer benefits from the live discussions that always occur in a classroom setting.

In this course, we will be covering the basics of Guided Surgery including some more advanced strategies for full arch guides (even a BONUS peek into bone reduction guides).

Attendees will have the tools and strategies to implement both protocols the day they return to their practices.

We will show you how to design surgical guides in just minutes and help you to delegate as much as possible.

This course will not be for the faint of heart. We will be working hard and not holding back.

Course Objectives

  • Basics of Guided Surgery

  • Key diagnostic requirements for surgical planning

  • Implant Selection : type and size

  • Different of Drilling Options

  • Different Implant Insertion Options

  • How to Plan a single implant

  • How to Plan an immediate implant

  • How to Plan basic full arch edentulous cases

  • Review of Delegation strategies for ideal practice integration

7 hours of CE | AGD CODE: 690 Implants




7 hours


Jun 2024


Payment provides video access for 1 year.

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