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BlueSkyBio Educators

Welcome to BlueSkyBio University!

BlueSkyBio.University is an incredible resource for all educational content related to BlueSkyBio products. 
Most of the content is free, but there will be paid educational content that dentists will be able to 'rent' and earn CE credits. 

What Does BlueSkyBio.University Include? 
Educational information related to all BlueSkyBio Implant and Digital Products including:

  • Free educational video content

  • Paid educational 'rentable' video content for CE credits

  • Information regarding upcoming courses (face to face and online courses)

  • Case studies

  • BlueSkyPlan Wiki manual

How Does BlueSkyBio.Unversity Help You?
Every educator has their own Portal on BlueSkyBio.University where all your related educational content will be centralized (click 'Educators" on top right of and then click on your picture / name)
Submitted content will also be accessible on the relevant page for the relevant associated product / module. 

Submitting content to BlueSkyBio.University will help: 

  • Drive traffic to your channels
    (videos can exist on your own youtube channel and will be embedded in University) 

  • Drive attendees to your courses
    (courses can be advertised in our upcoming courses section. In addition, free content videos can have your course branding on it...basic education can be presented in the video with an offer to learn more advanced techniques via courses.)

  • Backlinks to your site and channel. Your portal will have an "Additional Content" section with links to your channels and sites

  • Earn money. Submit paid 'rentable' educational content. BlueSkyBio will charge the dentist, issue the CE credits and will send you most of the dentist's payment!

In addition BlueSkyBio will help promote and advertise any of your face to face or online upcoming courses with BlueSkyBio related content, and will enable you to offer free exports to all courses attendees.

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