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Mr. Sudeep, Paul

Biomedical Application Engineer

Mr. Sudeep Paul

Biomedical Application &

Device Engineering Expert

Mentor of BlueskyPlan, USA

Founder and CEO, Image3DConversion I am a Biomedical Applications Expert and an authorized trainer of BluSkyBio. I have spent the last 15 years training thousands of dental practitioners all around the world with Computer Guided Surgery and Digital Implant Surgery.

In my years of experience, I have seen so many dental practitioners spend their precious time trying to solve petty issues with their surgeries which was affecting their practices badly. Whether it was an increasing rate of surgical failures or a lack of confidence with implant angulations, there were just too many issues to count.

And so, after gaining expertise in Digital Implant Surgery (and making a lot of mistakes along the way, and also learning from them), I made it my mission to help all the dental practitioners of the world learn Computer Guided Surgery and get more accuracy in their surgeries, so that they could spend more time on what they do best: their practice. 

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Sudeep Paul

Online Course

Exclusive 1-1 Training on Guided Surgery

Online | On Demand | Mr. Sudeep Paul 

Become a master of BLUESKYPLAN software

• You will get the knowhow to fabricate your own Surgical guide in-house.

• Eliminates the wastages of time with efficient and reliable process.

• Achieve the desired accuracy in your Guided Implant Surgery.

• Be part of of the latest innovation in global dental industry

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