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Dr. Hillam, Barry


Dr. Barry Hillam is uniquely qualified to help his colleagues integrate dental implants into their own practices. He has spent a prodigious amount of time in surgery with his clients —  coaching them individually through scenarios including hard and soft tissue site preparation, placements, sinus and ridge augmentations, and full-arch solutions. Over the past decade, Dr. Hillam has taught implantology in a wide variety of settings — including as a faculty member for Implant Training Solutions, The California Implant Institute, and as a private consultant. Dr. Hillam has lectured on implant and soft tissue topics in many parts of the U.S. and abroad. He is on the advisory board of Novadontics, has worked for Hiossen Implants as a content editor, and is currently on the Nobel Biocare speaker’s list. He graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2004, and he received his MAGD award in 2016. Dr. Hillam is passionate about the need to supplement the “how” of oral implantology with the critical theoretical elements that constitute the “what,” “why,” and “when” of the discipline — this unique approach, now taught at Roseman University, and combined with Dr. Karl Koerner’s standard of surgical excellence, will maximize clients’ ability to integrate dental implant procedures into their everyday workflow.

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Barry Hillam

Online Course

Site-Specific Tx Planning Using CBCT Imaging

Online | On Demand  | Dr. Barry Hillam

Learn a methodical and repeatable approach to CBCT-based tx planning that will give you confidence in the operatory. This course is a required pre-requisite for those who are enrolling in the Entry Point™ live patient treatment sessions.

While this course is a critical part of the Entry Point™ continuum, it can also be taken as a standalone course. It is ideally suited for those who are already trained in implantology, but who do not yet feel comfortable with CBCT scanning and DICOM manipulation.

NOTE: First Hour of the course is offered for free:

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