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Planificación en Odontología Digital

Santiago, Chile | December 1-2, 2023 | Dr. Carlos Garay

The course in December will be all about planning: how to receive a patient, how to think on the rehabilitation we will be giving out to them on how we see the patient in agreement with the expectations of the patient about the future treatment.
How we transfer all that information into BSP, the files that are needed, intra oral scan, CTCB, face scan, how to do a quick digital wax up for showing our idea to the patient, start to think about the dental materials in which we are going to deliver the rehabilitation, knowing when, how and why each material works with the patient and how to do everything on BSP.
We will be doing some intraoral scanning and 3D printing, giving a lot of information on the how to of every step of the workflow.


If you have any questions please post the question to the Blue Sky Support Group


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