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To Add Drill Kit Information To Blue Sky Plan

Blue Sky Plan supports several types of Guided Surgical Kits:

  • A pilot surgical kit, where a 2.0mm or 2.2mm drill is being used to create the initial osteotomy.

  • A 'Standard' Guided Surgical Drill Kit with sequential drill widths and a built-in drill stop in each drill.

  • A 'Direct Cut' Surgical Kit, where a single drill of the correct width is being used to create the osteotomy.


These drills may have a built-in drill stop, or the software can automatically create a drill stop on the surgical guide that would stop the drill and handpiece at the correct depth.


Drills being used for Guided Surgery should be 8 - 12mm longer than the implant length to allow for the additional height of the surgical guide.
Each drill (each drill part ID) can only have one length. This should be the length from the tip of the drill until the built-in drill stop (or until the handpiece, if there is no built-in drill stop).

If Laser marking are being used please contact our support team at



[NO or text]

Text message for users showed in software, if there is no warning leave empty

Drill Kit Type

[text uppercase]

Name of the kit that will be shown in software. This should be the official name. (This could also include the Company name to better differentiate drill kits)

Sequence of drills

These columns should be defined for guided kits when the drills info is known. These columns must be repeated for each drill in sequence.
E.g.: kit uses up to 3 drills - then there must be defined all columns for drill 1, drill 2 and drill 3. If some implant requires only 2 drills, then the columns for drill 3 will be empty.


Drill X

[text uppercase]

Manufacturers identification name/number of the drill

Drill X Length


Length of drill in mm, this is full length of the drill, length of the longest drill in sequence  must be long enough to cover the whole drill depth (implant length + MC offset + MC and handle lips) or there must be defined correct drill length correction

Description of drill length:

Description of drill length - blueskyplan software

If the kit uses handles/keys, then these columns must be defined for each drill.


Handle X

[text uppercase]

Manufacturers identification name/number of the handle/key

Handle X Lip Height


Height of the handle/key lip in mm

If the kit uses some kind of shaft that attaches to the drill that affects drill length, than its length must be defined in this next column

Drill length correction [mm]

Length in mm, software adds this value to every drill length. If there is no such thing used, then this column should contain zero value.

Metal cylinders

Metal cylinder is the part inserted into the printed surgical guide and it guides and cools the drill. It is sometimes called "guide sleeve" or "guide tube".

Metal Cylinder Part ID [text uppercase]

identification name/number of metal cylinder

Metal Cylinder Height [mm]

height of metal cylinder in mm, including the lip

Metal Cylinder ID


inner diameter of metal cylinder in mm

Metal Cylinder OD


outer diameter of metal cylinder in mm

Metal Cylinder Lip Height [mm]

lip height of metal cylinder in mm, if the metal cylinder has no lip, please fill in zero value

Metal Cylinder Lip Width [mm]

lip width of metal cylinder in mm, if the metal cylinder has no lip, please fill in zero value



offset of metal cylinder in mm, distance between top of the implant and top of printed surgical guide.
It can be computed as:
longest_drill_length -
implant_length -
metal_cylinder_lip_heigth -
Offset should be between 8 - 12 mm. 

Description of metal cylinder dimensions:

Description of metal cylinder dimensions


  • Do not offer choices or options for a drill. List the single, shortest drill that can be used with the offset being between 8mm - 10mm

  • All master metal cylinders for surgical guides that will be listed in the software will be Blue Sky Bio manufactured metal cylinders to ensure that users can easily order master metal cylinders at a reasonable price. See the full list of available master metal cylinders.  After the implant manufacturer supplies all details to Blue Sky Bio, Blue Sky Bio will update the 'offset' measurement in the settings as needed to reflect any differences in the master metal cylinder lip height. 


add drill kits excel example
add drill kits excel example
add drill kits excel example
add drill kits excel example
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