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BlueSkyPlan Registration

By downloading the software and requesting a licensing code, the user agrees to use the email communication to attest to his/her agreement to the terms and conditions stated in the “Agreement to Terms and Download” and to the user “License Agreement”.

Download BlueSkyPlan Software

BlueSkyPlan Exports Explained

Blue Sky Plan gifts 2 free exports to each new user and 6 free exports to dental students.

Blue Sky Plan can be downloaded at no cost and can be installed on an unlimited number of computers. There are no upgrade fees or annual fees. All software updates (several each year) are released at no charge.

CT Scans and imported models can be edited and exported to a STL file at no charge. 

Learn More About Exports

Share Export Credits Between Computers and Between Users

This training tutorial will demonstrate the functionality to share export credits between your own computers, as well as the functionality to share export credits between users as well.

Sending Export Credits to Another User

This training tutorial will demonstrate how to send exports from one user to another user.

Purchasing Exports

Blue Sky Plan is FREE software.
Blue Sky Plan charges a  fee in situations where a component has been designed in the software and is being exported to an STL file for printing or milling.

Purchase Exports Now

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