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Dr. Štern, Rok

MD, PhD.

I come from Carinthia, from the foot of Mount Uršlja. After high school, in 2003 I enrolled at the Medical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. After finishing my studies, I did an internship at ZD Ljubljana, and most of this work was done at the Dental Clinic, where I first encountered microdentistry. I decided on the microdental approach after visiting the 1st MicroVision International Congress in Prague, where they only confirmed my belief that quality dentistry is not possible without adequate magnification and light. I was fascinated to be able to see things with a microscope that were previously hidden from view, and at the same time to show it to you.

After finishing my studies, I did my first independent job at ZD Kamnik, and then at a dental clinic with a concession. Since there was not enough time in either environment to fully devote myself to the patient, and above all there was no possibility to offer clients the best and most modern services, I decided to go on my own path in a private practice. Here I can offer my clients modern and high-quality services that include approaches that I have devoted a lot of time and energy to learning and perfecting.Using a microscope allows me to be even more precise in my work and therefore much higher quality of the final product. A microscope and professional cameras give you the possibility of visual communication with you. Thus, in contrast to most other dentists, I show you on the big screen WHY a certain procedure needs to be performed and thus remove the last doubts about the right choice of procedure. In order to keep up with the latest approaches in dentistry, I am constantly learning and maintaining contacts with experts all over the world who are happy to explain their methods, techniques and research, provide additional training and are available for advice. I attend training all over the world - in Germany, the United States of America, Croatia, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy...

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