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Dr. Marquez, Nestor


Nestor is an outgoing, patient and fun person. He is also our lead surgeon. He has specialized in the all on x process, as well as implants, extractions, bone grafts and oral surgeries.

He’s a graduate from what he calls “the coolest university in Mexico”, the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo (UMSNH). Loving the implant dentistry field, he got a Masters degree in implant dentistry.

As a professional, he believes it’s important to seek the latest info. from the most recognized experts, which is why he attends seminars at a regular basis, some of them include from UCLA, University of Loma Linda, and all around Mexico.

Other than dentistry, his empathy skills developed into an interest on psychology.Nestor loves expression in many of its forms: being music (he plays guitar, bass and piano), writing (he’ll find time to write poetry) and painting (you’ll see him admiring it). Being a good example for his family is one of his strongest values.

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