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Dr. Standridge, Matthew


Dr. Matt Standridge is a practicing dentist in Yates Center, KS. He is also a proud husband and father. Even practicing in a town of only 1300 people he has grown his office leveraging digital technology to provide advanced services like orthodontics and guided implant surgery. His biggest passion is orthodontics and teaches courses centered around proper diagnosis, digital workflows, and treatment mechanics using either straightwire or aligner systems, all without selling a “system”. Outside of dentistry Matt is also a certified personal trainer and runs a podcast, the Ketodontist Podcast, where he shares his personal story of his 100 lb weight loss and interviews leaders in health and nutrition. 

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Matthew Standridge


Digital Aligner Workshop featuring Blue Sky Plan

Alsip, IL | October 13-14,2023 | Dr. Matthew Standridge

This two day course not only teaches the fundamentals of GP ortho, but also how to leverage digital systems in your office!

Providing orthodontics is about more than just give our patients great smiles. Orthodontic treatment can often times be used alone, or in tandem with other treatment modalities as part of a larger treatment plan. Orthodontics can serve our patients as an alternative to surgical or more invasive procedures. Ortho can also assist us in improving tooth position that will in turn give us better restorative outcomes. Unfortunately most dentists do not receive applicable orthodontic training in dental school. This course aims to remedy that.

This course is meant to be a launching pad for dentists looking to bring orthodontic solutions into their service mix. It is also meant to introduce the power of digital dentistry and show how providers can leverage this technology for treatment using aligners. Not only does this lead to significant cost savings, but can lead to both great efficiency and improve clinical outcomes.

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