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Dr. Mennito, Anthony



  • Susquehanna University – B.S Biology, 1995 – 1999

  • Temple University – Kornberg School of Dentistry, 1999 – 2003

  • imPRES instructor

  • MOD Institute instructor

  • Kois Center student


  • American Dental Association

  • South Carolina Dental Association

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • American College of Dentists

  • International Association of Adhesive Dentists

Dr. Tony Mennito graduated from Temple Dental School in 2003 and moved to Charleston the following week as his wife, Sarah, was beginning her Pediatric residency at MUSC. Dr. Mennito practiced 90 minutes away in Bamberg. Their son, Sam, was born in 2007, and in 2009 he began teaching at MUSC College of Dental Medicine.

At the Medical University, he found a love of teaching that has only grown stronger. Over the past 10 years, while teaching and practicing dentistry, he has done the research, patented a dental material, started a biotech company, published 17 clinical papers, and began an international speaking career focusing on dental technology and materials.

He is excited to join a new group of mentors and partners at Expertise Dental, all focused on a common goal – providing the best dentistry for patients, using modern technology and techniques to make sure that patients’ oral health stays in great shape.

In his own words…

“People often ask me why I became a dentist. At the age of 14 I knew very little of the dental profession. During this year, two things happened that changed that. First, I got braces. I went from a kid who was self-conscious about the gaps in my teeth to a confident teen who wasn’t afraid to smile. This was quite impactful for me. Second, I learned that one of my friend’s fathers was a dentist. He started talking to me about my braces and soon I learned that he was a wealth of knowledge about teeth and smiles as well as a really cool guy. He asked if I wanted to shadow him in his clinic during the summer and I agreed. After that, I was hooked.

The truth is dentistry is everything I could have asked for in a career. Challenging yet rewarding, It’s the type of career where there is always something else to learn. I love that. Who could ever get bored when you are constantly growing and discovering new technologies, new techniques and new materials? Eventually, I got to the point where I could educate others, which has its own special set of rewards. All this education we undertake in the hopes of improving our ability to care for our patients with better diagnoses, better treatments, better outcomes and better experiences. It’s the dentistry you deserve.”

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